Ruchika's Story


by Support My School

Ruchika Patole is a fifth grade student from Govt. Primary School North T.T. Nagar Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh. She lives in Bhad Ganga with her family of four. Her father works as a security guard and her mother works as domestic help.

Previously, Ruchika studied at Hills Vihar School, a private school in the area, but when her parents heard about the renovations and new latrine facilities at the Govt. Primary School, they transferred her. Unike many schools such as Hills Vihar School which lack the necessities, the students and teachers at this new school have clean drinking water, clean and separate toilets, a library full of books, greenery on the grounds, and sports equipment.

“Thanks to Support My School, I can visit the library and read books. I can also play carom board and badminton with my friends. The instructors have the resources to teach us and make concepts understandable. I have made many new friends in my school that came here because of the new facilities. My family is very pleased with my new school. I can proudly say that my school is the best and this is only because of Support My School. I love my school.”