Pooja's Story

Pooja lives in a village two kilometers from her school in Sonipat, India. Like many other students, she walks to school every day. She is fortunate to come from a family which supports girls’ education, unlike many other rural and semi-urban families in India.  Pooja’s interests include studying, cooking and playing. In addition to her studies, which have put her at the top of her class, she also helps her mother in daily household work. It is Pooja’s dream when she grows up to be a lawyer. Before the Support My School program began in Pooja’s school, there were not proper toilets, clean drinking water, a library, computers, or a play area. The lack of access to proper school supplies, sanitation and clean drinking water were having negative impacts on the students’ education. With the help of Support My School, Pooja’s school has been completely transformed.

Pooja described how the transformation in her school has given her and many others a new ray of hope for better education and a better future. The school is now equipped with clean water, a separate toilet block for girls and better school supplies, such as a library with books available for check out and computer access. Together, these improvements are enhancing the students’ educational opportunities and attainment.

Pooja recently won an award from the Block Education Department for her outstanding performance in academics. For this, she received a lantern with a solar panel, which is a huge honor in her village where electricity is in short supply. Access to the basics, like water and sanitation, has allowed Pooja to thrive in school.  She is determined to continue her education and hopes that one day she will achieve her dream of being a lawyer.