Real Change


What would you do if you suddenly had 3 extra hours every day? We’ve seen it happen many times—clean water instantly changes a woman’s life and makes for healthier, more vibrant communities.

Water is Independence

For women, access to water means the freedom and independence to provide the necessities for their families and to take on new income generating activities.  Since gaining the convenience of a household connection, Nadia Faisal Garber has more time to look after her children and assist with household expenses by raising poultry. Read her story of independence and others here

Water is Empowerment

For women, water means empowerment. Seraphine Hacimana established her own venture to provide clean water and ensure that no woman in her community is exploited due to lack of water. With a water business serving 6,000 people, she now has established a microcredit fund for vulnerable women and reinvested her earnings in workshops to promote and empower women with new skills. Read her story of empowerment and others here

Water is Education

With access to water, young girls have the time to attend school. With access to separate sanitation facilities at school, young girls have privacy and newfound dignity. When her school gained access to clean water and new latrine blocks, Preeti Tak is back in school and learning in a healthy environment. Read her school’s story and others of a brighter future here

Water is Health

Clean water means less time being sick or caring for those who are. When Maria Juarez and her community gained access to clean drinking water, she saw her children stop getting sick from dirty water. Her neighbors said the same. Maria’s children are now healthier, and she can spend more time on her household tasks. Read more here about Maria and how clean water translated to healthier families and communities.