About Us

Women for Water is a campaign to empower a billion women to join together and raise a billion dollars to fight the global water crisis that disproportionately affects women and children.

Nearly 1 billion people don’t have clean water 2.5 billion don’t have adequate sanitation facilities

Why women?

Around the world, women are the backbone of communities, raising children, supporting families and caring for the sick. In developing nations, they’re also responsible for providing water. It’s their time, health, education, safety and income that are on the line. In Africa women spend hours every day collecting water that’s just as dangerous as the long journey to it. This adds up to 40 billion hours of walking a year. In India, women wait around all day for water trucks that make inconsistent and insufficient deliveries. They also pay up to 500% more for water than their wealthier neighbors, continuing the cycle of poverty. In Latin America, girls have to stay home from school because they get sick from inadequate water and sanitation facilities. Worldwide, dirty water causes girls to miss over 145 million days of school every year.

What can we do?

The good news is that even though the water crisis is huge, it’s 100% solvable. Whether it’s digging wells, empowering local water committees, installing pipes or providing hygiene education, we already have the knowledge and solutions to bring clean water to women in developing nations. With your support, along with women leaders and corporate sponsors, the Women for Water campaign will raise enough money to bring clean water to hundreds of thousands of women and their communities. From urban Rwanda and rural India to downtown Singapore and uptown New York, women have the power to change the world one drop at a time.